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Data Disclaimer -- Just so You Know...
Jun 30, 2011
Early on in this project I made a strategic decision to get the data for LOSE YOUR BROKER NOT YOUR MONEY from free websites like MSN and Yahoo!  I did this to demonstrate that you don't need to pay high brokerage fees to get this information.  The free sites provide everything required to be a successful investor -- though it might not be 100% accurate.  
Luckily perfection isn't required to be a successful investor.  What you need is superior construction and 15-51 methodology delivers that.  Guaranteed.  So when I made my data decision I knew that any data flaw slipping past my due diligence efforts wouldn't change the story, nor would it impune the superiority of 15-51 methodology.  For that reason I maintained my approach not to pay for stock price data.
That was then and this is now.  
Now I have a website and a technology team to verify and compile stock data that I purchase from a supplier. Armed with this new arsenal of information and capability, I've learned that the performance of the 15-51 Indicator (15-51i) was better than I originally calculated.  I previously reported that the
15-51i's return on investment was 273% for the 13 year period from 1995 through 2008 -- but it actually advanced 329% during this time.  It gained 802% from year ended 1995 to current.  Here's the picture. 
15-51 methodology -- It is that good.  
LYB's 15-51 portfolio builder is the most powerful investment tool ever made available to the average investor. Read the book, use the web tool, and you will see: It's easy to beat "the market."



"A must read..." -- The Midwest Book Review

"Understandable and easily applied...totally unrivaled and backed by reliable data..." -- The Mindquest Review of Books

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"Well written and interesting...fact based and logical." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Proven, understandable and sensible..." -- Lightword Publishing

"As convincing as it is successful." -- CBS Connecticut

"Very crucial topic, very crucial book!!!" -- GoodReads

"Changes forever your perception of the financial landscape." -- ReaderStore

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