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Fed Funds Rate May .25 0.0
Unemployment April 5.4% -.1%
Rate Type Month Last Change
Inflation (average) March -.06% +.06%
Gold (oz) May $1,223 +$14
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About the 15-51 Indicator


Gain Since 12/31/1995:


DJIA (average) 
15-51si (strong) 
S&P 500 (average-)  


15-51 Strength v. the Market Averages

From Inception (1995 -- Present) 

The 15-51 Indicator and S&P500 have been scaled to the Dow Jones Industrial Average in this chart.  By doing so, it's easier to see how each portfolio actually performed during this time. 

What is the 15-51 Indicator?

As revealed in LOSE YOUR BROKER NOT YOUR MONEY, the 15-51 Indicator (15-51i) is a market portfolio designed and constructed to beat the Dow Average and thus indicate above-average stock market returns, which it reliably does (see above.) 

Why does it outperform "the market" consistently? 

The 15-51 Indicator consistently outperforms the Dow and S&P because it's a better portfolio than they are.  It achieves this superiority by utilizing superior 15-51 construction and uses the LYB method to select its stock componets.  The Dow and S&P, by definition, indicate average results.  The 15-51i clearly demonstrates strength and above-average results.  That's its goal and purpose. 


How does that compare to your mutual fund?


Aim Higher.  Beat the 15-51 Indicator.

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