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Lose Your Broker

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Lose Your Broker
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The reason most people have no clue where to begin with investing is because Wall Street has transformed the basic act of investing into a sophisticated science. They do this to cause confusion, so you need them to invest your money for you.

Wall Street creates investor dependence by overcomplicating everything, making the market impossible to understand or reasonably expect. This, of course, makes investment just as mysterious.


Indicator 15-51

It's Time to Lose Your Broker, Not Your Money

This is not your typical investment "how to." In his dramatic debut book, Lose Your Broker, Not Your Money, Dan Calandro begins the investment conversation where investment begins, by redefining "the market" in a way never seen before, in amazingly simple and straightforward language. Dan also unveils his patent-pending portfolio construction method, called 15-51™, which will prove to be the most powerful investment tool ever made available to the average investor.

In Lose Your Broker, Not Your Money the reader is taken through the process of constructing a winning portfolio by creating a new market index built to indicate how the strength in the stock market is performing. Called the 15-51 Indicator™, the portfolio’s superior construction consistently produces above-average market returns. It is intended to raise a new standard of investment success.

Each one is signed and numbered!


Easy To Understand

Investing is not complicated. It is complex, meaning multiple steps must be taken to do it successfully. 

Don’t let this scare you off, getting dressed in the morning is also a complex task. Once you know the process, investing successfully is just as elementary.

Lose Your Broker, Not Your Money is written in a straightforward way, in plain English, and easily understandable to almost any demographic. 

The road to financial independence starts right here…