Is Making Money Good Enough?

The reason most investors don’t make the most from their investment dollars is because the definition of investment (the act of making money with money) is widely misconstrued to also be its goal. In other words, the definition and goal of investment have erroneously become one and the same: to simply make money with money.

But is simply making money enough?

Using the traits of mutual fund owners to define the average investor, the following statements are true:

  • 50% of investors bought their first mutual fund before 1995
  • 92% are investing for retirement, and
  • $100,000 is their average investment in mutual fund assets

Also consider the well-known fact that the vast majority (90%+) of mutual funds fail to outperform average stock market returns net of fees and inflation.  

Acknowledging those facts, consider this…

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained 68% over the last ten years. During that time inflation was 20%, leaving a net Dow return of 48%; or approximately 5% per year. That’s $5,000 in gain per year on a $100,000 investment.

That’s the best case scenario for mutual fund owners. And while an annual 5% gain may sound good, it’s actually terrible. Think of it this way…

Over the course of a full year’s work (40 hours per week for 52 weeks) $5,000 amounts to just $2.49 per hour – an illegally-low paying job. The federal minimum wage is currently around 7 bucks per hour.

The average household income for a mutual fund investor is $80,000 per year, or $38.46 per hour. That is to say that the average investor earns a total of $40.95 per hour ($38.46 on their labor, and $2.49 on their investments.) The gain on investment raises their annual income to $85,000 – a 6.5% bump.  

No doubt, the average investor can make money if their mutual funds beat the Dow Jones Average over the long term. But again, is that enough?  

Contrast that performance to those who make the most of their investment dollars using my patented 15-51™ system. With the same 10 year period and $100,000 investment, my 15-51 portfolio returned 236% after inflation, or 25% per year. That amounts to $12.14 per hour for a full workweek –five times the going rate of the best mutual funds!

And with more than $25,000 in gain per year, the 15-51™ investment return raises the average investor’s annual income to $105,000 – a 32% boost in wealth!

You see, investment isn’t just about making money. It’s about maximizing the monetary worth of your hard-earned dollars. It’s about making the most from your money.


Who’s Best to Manage Your Money?  

All too often investors rely on their brokers or financial advisors for total guidance through the investment process. They blindly follow the advice of Wall Street brokers because they are the “experts.”  But that’s a dangerous proposition.

The investment industry is filled with highly-trained, highly-skilled, white-collar con-men who feed on unsuspecting prey. Let the real life story of Bennett Broad serve as proof positive.

Stockbroker Bennett Broad was featured in a December 2014, Wall Street Journal article entitled, Wall Street’s Watchdog Doesn’t Disclose All Regulatory Red Flags.

To make a long story short, the Wall Street establishment created and funds a broker oversight organization called the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or Finra. Finra’s mission is to provide investors a means of researching the credibility of their broker or financial advisor.

Did I mention that Finra is an industry funded organization?

Low and behold, the Wall Street Journal reports that 38,400 brokers have regulatory or financial red flags that don’t appear on Finra – and Bennett Broad is just one of them. Broad, a 35 year veteran of the Wall Street game, has "faced 25 customer complaints involving alleged trading abuses, and 15 ended in payouts to clients." His entire Finra rap sheet can be found here.

What’s really amazing is that men like Broad are still allowed to work in the industry. Heck, the industry is littered with them.

That is to say that the Wall Street establishment created a watchdog agency that buries a lot of criminal activity by brokers and disregards the rest. As a consequence, the Wall Street establishment employs too many people who have absolutely no right or credibility to manage other people’s money. And Wall Street doesn’t care about it, for if they did Finra rap sheets would actually mean something. 

But they don’t. And the reason for that is simple.

There are three undeniable facts with investment: 1) mutual funds stink; 2) no one can do a better job managing your financial assets than you can – because no one cares more for your financial well-being than you do; and 3) the only reason you think that you can’t invest your money successfully is because the Wall Street machine has convinced you of that falsity.  

And because the entire Wall Street mantra is built on contradicting these basic facts, fraud and deception become necessary techniques for the job. As a result, unethical people are naturally drawn to the opportunity that Wall Street presents. In fact, this seedy culture was well-chronicled in the hit movie, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, which was written by a slimy broker named, Jordan Belfort. Indeed, Belfort is gone -- but the practice remains.

What to do?

You see, you are the perfect financial advisor for you. I am absolutely confident of that. And the reason I’m so certain is because I know how easy it is to invest successfully. In fact, beating the market by big margins – and thereby outperforming every mutual fund sold on the market today – is pitifully easy to do.

And I can teach you to do it too.

All investment begins with investment in self

My 15-51™ method is easy to understand, simple to use, and consistently produces superior investment results – with less risk. Find complete instructions in my award winning effort, LOSE YOUR BROKER NOT YOUR MONEY, available all over the internet including and iBooks. Readership is supported by me personally, right here, free of charge.  

There’s simply no good reason not to invest in you.

If not now, when?


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