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Key Market Indicators

Rate Type Month Last Change
Fed Funds Rate July .25 0.0
Unemployment June 5.5% +.1%
Rate Type Month Last Change
Inflation (average) June -.011% -.05%
Gold (oz) July $1,133 -$114
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Features & Benefits

Easy to Understand

Lose Your Broker is a method based on simplicity and understanding. There is no need, and we have no desire, to talk over your head. Investing doesn't require this kind of sophistication. (Besides, Dan doesn't possess the kind of vocabulary to do so.)  [Read Chapter 1 for free right now].


Simple to Use

The methods Dan outlines in his book are easily fit into any kind of hectic schedule.  His patent-pending portfolio method is simple to use - especially when using the LYB Toolbox, which is available on-line to all registered members.  Staying connected to the Market was never so easy. Join now!


Superior Results

As demonstrated by the performance of the 15-51 Indicator - which is easy to beat - the LYB method consistently outperforms all major market averages.  And yes, it also outperforms the vast majority, if not all, mutual funds. 



  • Stay up to date with Dan's Market Commentary
  • Regular interactive support forums hosted personally by Dan - in your home, at your PC
  • Targeted Demographic Programming - there's a show for you
  • Use the LYB Community to post questions to like-minded investors




Portfolio Tools
  • The LYB Toolbox is impossible to duplicate or outperform, featuring Dan's patent-pending 15-51 stock selection and allocation method.
  • This unique tool allows the user to create a portfolio and then back test it over various time periods.  This is extremely helpful in assessing a portfolio's personality.  If you understand it, it's less likely to surprise you. 




  • Consumer experinces are investment experinces.  See what other investors are saying about the market and share your experiences on the LYB Message Boards. 
  • Start a forum of your own by posting a question, issue, or comment.


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