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The Investment Before You

(Reprinted from Lose Your Broker, Not Your Money)
My objective for this book is that it be the best investment you’ve ever made, in both time and money. If I succeed in this mission, then it will also be the best investment I ever made, in both time and money. That’s the way investment works.
But why should you listen to me? Why should you invest in this book? After all, I’m a virtual unknown. I’ve never worked a day on Wall Street, never run a billion-dollar hedge fund, and I’m not a college professor. What gives me the authority to write such a book, and with such boldness?
To begin with, I know how easy it is. I know that you don’t need a sophisticated degree to understand investment, that there is plenty of time in the day to stay on top of your investments, and that you have everything required to do so successfully. I’m certain. I’ll also bet that you’re fed up with getting blindsided by the stock market, tired of being confused by its complicated rhetoric, and frustrated by lackluster performance results. I know you’re looking for something you can understand and comfortably perform. I know you’re looking for results.
My method produces them consistently over the long term. There is much proof in this pudding. Perhaps that’s where my confidence stems from. Only someone like me, completely outside the Wall Street bubble, could write such a book in such a way. I don’t know anyone on Wall Street and I’m not looking to join a fraternity. My only commitment is to you, the reader. And for my investment to succeed, you must be successful at investing. Our successes are tied together. I’m good with that.
I think there are many people who can’t understand why they consistently underperform average stock market returns and who don’t know where to turn for an understandable explanation. I think that many people feel hustled, and that Wall Street is an insider’s game. This has led me to believe that there are many people looking for something completely different.
That’s me.
Lose Your Broker is a guide to investment from the grassroots, not the Ivy League–filled towers on and around Wall Street. So if you’re looking to invest in advice from yet another Wall Street mogul or stuffed-shirt college professor, this isn’t the book for you. Put it down and move on. No hard feelings.
But if you’re looking for a blueprint to investment success that you can understand and comfortably perform—that is guaranteed to produce the high-powered investment results
you always dreamed of—then you’ve come to the right place. 
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