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Key Market Indicators

Rate Type Month Last Change
Fed Funds Rate July .25 0.0
Unemployment May 5.5% +.1%
Rate Type Month Last Change
Inflation (average) June -.011% -.05%
Gold (oz) July $1,133 -$114
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Gain access and contribute to a different kind of market research program driven by the most important cogs in the economic machine - you!

The purpose of this website is to arm you with all the information and tools required to lose your broker and invest successfully on your own.  This is an entirely free website.  And your individual data and profile information will never be sold, leased, shared, or given away.


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Don't Pick Stocks - Build Portolios!

Investing isn't about getting lucky on a few hot stocks.  It's about building a strong portfolio that will achieve all of your financial objectives: growth, income, and safety. The LYB Toolbox makes this even easier by automating Dan's patent-pending stock selection and allocation method -- available only to on-line members!


Easy Step-By-Step Portfolio Wizard

Dan's portfolio wizard guides you through the process of building a winning portfolio using superior 15-51 construction in just minutes.

It's easy - and better than anything available on the market.  And it's free!

Beat the Pros

It's no secret that the vast number of mutual funds fail to outperform "the market."  In his book, Dan creates a portfolio called the 15-51 Indicator that outperformed the Dow by over 800% for the past 15 years (1995-2011.)

And it's easy to beat the 15-51 Indicator - especially with the LYB Toolbox! Like everything else on this website, it's free to all members. 


Build, Store, Track and Compare multiple Portfolios

Creating the right portfolio through trial and error has never been so simple.  Winning portfolios take only minutes to build and compare to the DJIA and S&P 500.  Using sophisticated programming technology and Dan's unique perspective, see instantly how your portfolio performed over 5, 10, or 15 years.  Nothing with help you understand the personality of your investments more.  

Managing Your Portfolio has never been so Easy!

Rebalance your portfolio with just the click of a button.  The LYB rebalance function performs all the necessary calculations to bring your back to your established targets.  It also prepares an instruction list that you can use to trade on-line, print, or email to your broker.  Yes.  You tell your broker what to do.  That's the Lose Your Broker way.


Join in on Live Events!

Join in on interactive support groups, workshops, and general Q&A sessions targeted to your age demographic, skill level, or net worth.  Submit your portfolio for review or watch as Dan helps other investors address their problems and concerns.

Members can also invite Dan to host a workshop for their close circle of friends and family. Discuss concepts in the book that you are struggling with, or ask Dan to help your group work out the kinks in their portfolios or stock selection lists.  You make the call.

Full Access to LYB Message Boards

Expand your market experience by trading your market experiences with like-minded investors located all across the country.  This is research at its finest and provides valuable insight into future stock market movements.  Ask questions, provide support to others, and conduct research on the topics you are most interested.

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