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Fed Funds Rate June .25 0.0
Unemployment May 5.5% +.1%
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Gold (oz) May $1,223 +$14
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Why Lose Your Broker?

Why is everything so complicated?


The reason most people are confused about investment is because Wall Street has turned the basic act of investing into a complicated science that only "experts" can understand - so you need them to do it for you. That's how Wall Street makes the most money it can.

This is the reason Wall Street overcomplicates everything surrounding investment. They do so to confuse you, so you don't think you can invest successfully on your own.

Complication causes confusion. Confusion causes dependence and feeds that uneasy feeling of getting blindsided by the market and your investments, that causes a naseua no financial advisor can eliminate. These are common causes of investor frustration and lackluster performance.

I say it's time to LOSE YOUR BROKER!

Investing successfully is easy, you have all of the time and ability to do so, and you can be comfortable doing it! Your biggest problem is that you just don' t know it.  The road to financial independence starts right here.  You can do this!



In order to invest successfully you must:
  • Understand the Market you are investing in
  • Be aware of changes in Market condition
  • Be comfortable with your investments and how they're assembled

All of this is thoroughly covered in Dan's breakthrough book "Lose Your Broker Not Your Money" [Read Chapter 1 for free right now].  This revolutionary work is the only investment book every published that comes with an express written guarantee (found in the final chapter), of which is a part.

The purpose of this website is to make good on that guarantee and support the average investor in their quest for financial success and independence. [See Features & Benefits]


Next Steps

Buy Dan's book now! 

It defines "the market" in a way never seen before, in black and white plain English. Laid out in the same order as the investment process,  LOSE YOUR BROKER NOT YOUR MONEY has everything you need to achieve your investment objectives.

Join the LYB Community - the most progressive investor support network available on the net!

  • Stay up to date with Dan's regular Market Commentaries
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